SnowRec: connected ski camp

Nov ~ Dec 2016; with Delphine Delfieu, Mélissa Dufour, Paul-Henri Dumas, and Léa Guiraud.
SnowRec: connected ski camp


IoT for winter sport, how can the Internet of things be applied to innovate winter sport?



We were a group of UX (me), communication and visual designers trying to taking on this challenging. In the exploration phase, we first started altogether by brainstorming the AEIOU of ☃️ winter sport: activities, enżvironments, interactions, objects, and users. Our team soon recognise the big IoT problem for winter sport: thick clothes, thick gloves, thick googles—all but obstacles for the use of touch-based digital products.

After some research, we found out that families in ski resort usually send their children to ski classes during the day. We pinned down the use of IoT to maximising such learning experience whilst bringing its outcome back to the 🏡👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 family. Boom! A brand-new service is born: connected ski camp with an online progress-tracking portal.

SnowRec ski camp, how it functions


Ski tutors usually ask students to try skiing downhill individually before calling it a day. To document this rewarding moment, ski tutors can use their SnowRec goggles, which are equipped with a camera. By pressing on the large mechanical button or by vocal command, it starts to 📹 videotape students’ performance as the tutor follows him/her in vision.

SnowRec mobile application

The camera is connected to the tutor’s smartphone by Bluetooth. Recorded videos are sent directly to the SnowRec application. Class participants are automatically identified by facial recognition or by the individual QR code printed on their vest.

SnowRec tablet/desktop portal

Through the application, the tutor can evaluate students’ performance, distribute 🏅 award badges, and publish videos. Parents and children can watch them later on SnowRec portal with the credentials received when they first signed up for the ski camp. Personal comments and learning curve can be found on their portal. Videos can be downloaded and shared to remote family members (👋🏼 hello grandpas & grandmas), too. 🎉💯

SnowRec mood board


How should SnowRec app-portal work then? We mapped user journeys as we consider use cases from the ⛷ ski camp, through learning documentation, and to ❤️ family shared moments. We considered how different users—tutors, parents, and children—may interact with SnowRec portal. We scribbled a few wireframes to test the flow, and further enriched it with a fun, motivating visual identity.

SnowRec app-portal

We made click dummies on mobile for ski tutors’ use case and on tablet & desktop for families’ review. In the end, we also pitched our IoT ski camp at the art and design school La Martinière Diderot and let our visitors try out the prototype—they loved it!