Carnot: where pedagogy researchers & teachers meet

Oct 2016 ~ Mar 2017; with Audrey Cabrolier, Thibault Savignac and Henri-Louis Sergent.
Carnot: where pedagogy researchers & teachers meet


Institut Carnot de l’Éducation (ICÉ) is an academic consortium of the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. It connects pedagogy researchers and education practitioners to favour exchange and cooperation between them. The goal is to combine scientific knowledge and practical experiences to encourage innovation in the 🎓 French education system, so that academic practices (both teaching and research) can become adapted to contemporary social issues (such as premature dropouts, regional segregation & social mobility) and eventually help solve them.


I was part of the UX consulting team to ICÉ. To effectively bring researchers and teachers together, we need to 🕵🏽‍♂️ understand the nuances of interest fields and expertise in Education Sciences. How can we verbalise them? How can we make sure their problems are discoverable to other professionals in the sector? How might we best enhance contact between common groups and promote collaboration? How might we streamline their proposals with funding schemes from the Ministries of Education and Research? How might we trampoline projects with local authorities, institutions and universities? 🤔


My team and I approached and interviewed different profiles of target users: researchers, educators, directors of institutions, moderators of Institut Carnot, and sponsors from the ministries. We walked through their typical workflow and identified their needs, pain points and 🔮 wishes. We defined their jobs-to-be-done (JTBDs) and analysed their contact points along how a collaborative project is usually rolled out, and explored how the online platform can smoothen their interaction.

We pinned our ideas down to prototyping the online platform interface, further through 🧪 testing, feedback loops and 🔄 iteration. We extended our study to promotion and invitation of collaborators on Institut Carnot’s project. By the end of our intervention, we handed over our prototype accompanied by a strategy report with recommendations on how development can subsequently take form.